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Routine maintenance is important and some issues, if not caught in time can turn into expensive repairs. No matter how well you look after your wheelchair, most parts need to be maintained for optimum performance. We are Authorised Repair Agents and have parts on hand for TiLite, Motion Composites, Panthera, RGK, Quickie, Kuschall and Top End manual wheelchair repairs and carry new and used parts to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Not only do we look after manual wheelchairs we also take care of power assists such as Blumil Go, Batec and Klaxon. 

As-well as stocking parts, at wicked wheelchairs we have qualified technicians and state of the art machinery to manufacture almost anything you can think of or need to do with the assitive tecnology industry 

Contact us for an appointment to come to our workshop on the Gold Coast.

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