Shox Solid Tyre

Shox Tyres are a solid tire made from high quality rubber and are perfect for the active user.

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Shox use the AERO-FLEX formulation to produce microcellular custom polyurethane flat free tires. This compound is produced with a mixture of our proprietary microcellular urethane and composite rubber material. The AERO-FLEX compound enhances the road grip and adhesion by combining the traction of tread rubber with superior wear and lightweight properties of our patented microcellular urethane material.

The secret is in the structure of the material. Thousands of microscopic, honeycomb-like cells are formed by a matrix of tough urethane elastomer.

These tiny cells make shox tires lightweight and flexible, allowing them to compress and conform to road obstacles just like air-inflated tires.

These tyres are sold singularly in 24 inch and 25 Inch

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24", 25"

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