Jul 14, 2021 | Blog

We recently asked our valued customers and stakeholders to participate in a customer satisfaction survey and the response has been overwhelming. We are extremely appreciative and would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback.


As promised, we have taken what you have said very seriously and we now want to share with you our commitment to respond.


So first of all, what is working well?  The results confirmed that our product quality and appropriateness is rated very highly.  We take pride in the products that we choose to sell and we only supply those which we believe in and trust to meet your needs.  Although we don’t manufacture our equipment, we invest a significant amount of time in each and every new wheelchair to ensure that the quality of the product meets all of our standards.  We place a high importance on quality control and ensure that each wheelchair is not only set up but it is configured exactly to fit your body.  Custom made wheelchairs require precise attention to detail and that is where we invest a significant amount of our time.




There were three key areas that really stood out in the results of the survey and those were:


  • Value for money
  • Our responsiveness
  • Repeat business


We didn’t rate very well in these areas and so we got together and worked through these areas in detail.


Value for Money

The results showed that a large component of our customers feel that our products and services are over-priced and don’t always represent value for money.  In recent years the force of external factors has driven the cost of manufacturing, shipping and labour which has naturally flowed on to us as a retailer.  Wicked Wheelchairs has always been committed to keeping our prices as affordable as we can, and we have looked long and hard at what we can do to add more value.  We are excited to announce that we are now offering the following:


  • Free collection and return of your wheelchair if we need to bring it back to our workshop for servicing or repair
  • Free loan wheelchair while we are conducting routine servicing or repairs to your wheelchair
  • Free collection/pick up of your products for warranty assessment *
  • Free loan wheelchair while we are conducting warranty assessment/action
  • Improved turnaround on warranty part replacement – increased levels of stock for common items/parts.


*Free collection/pick up of your products for warranty assessment applies only to our region of service.  Products located outside our region of service will need to be returned at the owner’s expense.  If a warranty assessment deems the issue to not be eligible for warranty, the owner will be required to cover the costs for both collection and return of the product.



Our Responsiveness

To be honest, we received mixed feedback about our responsiveness.  We weren’t happy with the mix and we want more customers to be happier.  How do we do this?  It’s pretty easy really.  We have all committed to changing the way we think and respond.  We will deliver the same standards that we expect to receive.  It’s as simple as that.  Our service starts with you.  We represent you, our customer.  We are committed to being proactive as opposed to reactive.  Some changes we have already implemented are:


  • Providing more accurate ETA’s for equipment
  • Keeping you informed on the progress of your order


We are also adding the following:


  • Confirming appointments via email
  • Making our customer survey available on our website for you to provide anonymous feedback whenever you like
  • Educating you about your Rights & Responsibilities and welcoming you to access our General Manager directly via our complaints process to personally address concerns in a safe and non-judgmental environment
  • Proactively providing alternative options should we not be able to deliver your product in a timely manner
  • Upon request, providing copies of your wheelchair script after supply, to allow you to continue to source the best equipment possible
  • Explaining why we sometimes can’t supply you with what you want.  Our motto is and has always been:  ‘If we don’t have the capability to provide you with equipment that is 100% right for you we won’t settle for less’
  • Asking you for feedback more often



Repeat Business

When we look at the products and services that we are providing, repeat business is extremely important for both our customers and us.  Having a long-standing relationship with an organisation that you trust provides you with assurance, reliability and confidence when it comes to your wellbeing.  Our people are important to us and it is our mission to look after you well, every day.   When it comes to the survey results, we didn’t rate as highly as we need to in this area.  We believe that this is directly related to our responsiveness, value for money and timeliness amongst other things.  We have identified our commitment in these areas and we trust that once we pull our socks up you will feel more inclined to come back and let us look after you again.

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