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Is Wicked Wheelchairs NDIS Registered ?

Yes we are, our registration number is 4050008725

Do you have Wheelchairs in Stock ?

All our wheelchairs are custom built to your requirements so will require a build time of approximately 8 – 10 weeks

Do you provide wheelchairs for hire?

Yes we have a wide range of wheelchairs available to hire

How often should I service my wheelchair?

We reccomend that a wheelchair should be serviced every 6 – 12 months depending on your usage and terrain it is used on.

Can Trials be done at my house or other locations?

Yes trials can be done anywhere within our serviced region which is West to Towoomba , South to Ballina and North to Noosa

Why do I need to fill out a TRF ?

It is important to fill out a TRF so that we can understand your requirments that way we can ensure the trial equipment we provide is suitable.

How long does it take to get a wheelchair?

As our wheelchairs are all custom built it will take approximately 8-10 weeks for the chair. An ETA will be provided upon ordering.

What area does Wicked Wheelchairs service?

We service a large area covering parts of both southeast QLD and northern NSW which goes as far North as Noosa, South to Ballina and out West to Toowomba

Do I need an occupational therapist (OT)?

It is a requirement with NDIS that you have an occupation therapist to recieve funding.

What NDIS services do Wicked Wheelchairs provide?

At Wicked Wheelchairs we offer a wide range including New Assistive technology, service & repairs and replacement parts for assistive technology.

What do I do if I am not happy with my wheelchair?

You can arrange an appointment to asses, adjust and possibly repair your chair.

How often should I replace my chair?

This will all depend on the usage the chair gets but we suggest that the average lifespan of a wheelchair is 5 years.

Purchasing low cost Assistive technology through NDIS.

Purchasing low cost Assistive Technology is easy with us. you can do this directly on our online shop or contact one of our staff for quoting and sales.

Can I get a copy of my script ?

Unfortunately the script will be Wicked Wheelchairs interlectual property, Therefore we do not supply a copy of your script. 

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